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Conservation is the first step in an overall energy strategy. Many conservation techniques are free or very low cost and have the highest return on investment. Let's get started today!

Electrical Energy Audits
Based on historical trends in energy costs, many conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy projects have very high returns on investment. These investments continue to provide savings many years after they have paid for themselves, effectively acting as tax free revenue streams. When is the best time to make an investment with a high rate of return?

Brooks Technical Electrical has the capability to analyze your energy sources and loads. We can provide return on investment, time to payback, and/or, net present value of different energy strategies or projects, that will enable you or your company to make informed decisions.

Lighting Control Systems
There are multiple ways that lighting control systems can not only improve conservation and  efficiency, but also enhance the beauty and attractiveness of your home or business. From simple solutions like occupancy sensors for garages to zone lighting controls systems for warehouses, Brooks Technical Electrical can design, document, install, troubleshoot, and repair these types of systems.

Occupancy Sensors
Also known as motion detectors, these devices sense the presence or absence of people. They can be used to control lighting and in some cases heating and air conditioning. Brooks Technical Electrical can help you select the best lighting controls devices and techniques to maximize your energy savings while minimizing impact on you comfort and productivity.


Efficiency is the next step in the process of reducing energy costs now and in the future. Electrical energy efficiency in this context means inspecting appliances and heating ventilation and refrigeration systems to determine if there are replacements that need to be made in this equipment. Brooks Technical Electrical has the ability to present you with quantitative information that will help you determine which appliance replacements will be the most cost effective.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Just as the cost of consumer electronics and computers keeps going down, so do the costs of industrial controls. Programmable Logic Controllers, single purpose temperature controllers, temperature and pressure sensors, etc. all continue to improve in quality and reliability at reduced prices. Brooks Technical Electrical can retro-fit these devices into your existing facility to run your plant more efficiently.

Lighting System Design
Proper design of lighting systems can take advantage of sources of natural light, reflective surfaces, and direct light to the areas where it is used. Over-illumination is lighting that is more intense than necessary or that is not directed to areas where the light is needed. A comprehensive analysis of your lighting systems can result in energy savings, increased productivity, and overall attractiveness of your home or business. Contact us today so that we can get started on your project.

LED Lighting Systems
LED lamps offer long service life and high energy efficiency, but initial costs are higher than those of incandescent and fluorescent lamps. The current recommendation from Brooks Technical Electrical is to replace incandescent lamps with LED's as soon as possible. Many direct replacement LED lamps are available for your existing incandescent lights. Because of their long service lives, LED lights are particularly effective when the cost of replacing a lamp is high due to the location of the fixture.

Brooks Technical Electrical can determine the correct replacement lamps for you and install them.

Power Factor Correction
Many businesses are unaware that they are paying a premium on high inductive loads such as AC motors used for processes and air conditioning. By inspecting your electrical utility bill and measuring your loads it may be possible to significantly reduce energy costs by installing power factor correction equipment.


After considering conservation and efficiency, renewable energy sources are the next step in an overall energy strategy. By addressing conservation and efficiency first requirements for renewable sources are greatly reduced. Brooks Technical Electrical is experienced in all facets of design, construction, and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

Solar Electric
Brooks Technical Electrical has considerable experience in the field of photovoltaic systems. We have designed and installed small stand alone systems, small commercial systems, and large residential systems. We handle all aspects of the project from rebate reservation, design and permitting, through construction, and final inspection.

Wind Generation
Brooks Technical Electrical has the ability to analyze and present you with information so that you can determine if wind generation makes economic sense for you. Factors such as terrain, maintenance, wind power density, and cost combine to determine feasibility. Brooks Technical Electrical can perform this analysis, and take care of all aspects of the project.

Vehicle Charging Stations
Are you considering the purchase of an electric vehicle? Have you determined if your residential electrical infrastructure (wiring and power panel) can handle the increased loading? You may need a power panel upgrade or an new circuit to accommodate the charging system. Call us, we can come out and take a look at your situation and make recommendations.

Energy Rebate and Tax Credit Documentation
Brooks Technical Electrical is experienced with all the necessary documentation required for renewable energy system rebates and tax credits. We stay up to date on current rebate programs and as a C-10 Licensed Electrical Contractor, we are qualified to provide systems installation.


The fourth step of of an electrical energy strategy  is energy reliability, which ensures your company has electrical energy when it is needed. Energy reliability completes your overall energy strategy. Could your business survive without a reliable source of electrical energy? How would a power outage affect your productivity, damage equipment, destroy temperature sensitive products, turn away customers, and negatively affect safety?

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS's)
How much is your data worth? Along with a data backup strategy, power reliability is an important consideration for your business.  UPS's are available off the shelf that will provide time for orderly shut down of your computer systems and enable you to save valuable information in the event of a power interruption. Brooks technical electrical can help you properly size UPS's for your application or install larger systems for server rooms.

Automatic Transfer Switches
Do you have an existing generator that you would like to integrate into your residential power distribution system? An automatic transfer switch in conjunction with a UPS can ensure seamless power supply in the event of a power failure for your critical circuits.

Generator Installation
Your residence may not house critical data but it does house you. Are you interested in maintaining your comfort during a power outage? Protecting your food supplies? There are many new natural gas fueled electrical power generators that are very quiet and efficient.

Lightning Protection
Brooks Technical Electrical is familiar with the National Electrical Code requirements for lightning protection and the methods to implement them. If Lightning protection is a requirement for your project give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Surge Protection
Many power strips include surge protection. Imagine a lightning strike to a utility line in your neighborhood, what equipment of yours would be damaged? Have you considered whole building or circuit protection for your critical circuits?

Electrical Power Panel Upgrades
Typically over time, electrical energy consumption in a residence or business grows. New family members are added, new appliances, larger televisions, room additions, new refrigerated display cases,  and/or, new automation equipment, contribute to increased power requirements in your home or business. Many times the original power panel that was installed when the structure was originally built is outgrown. Power panel upgrades are an area of expertise for Brooks Technical Electrical. We will pull the permits, coordinate with your utility company, and execute the project with minimal interruption to your daily routine.

Circuit Upgrades
Do you have a breaker that trips when you have several appliances on at the same time? It may be time for a circuit upgrade. We can install a larger conductor, breaker, and updated outlets to handle your loads.

With over 30 years of experience working with electricity Brooks Technical Electrical has the knowledge to isolate and correct your electrical problems. With advanced test equipment like thermal imaging cameras, oscilloscopes, and data loggers, we can find the most difficult problems.

Design and Documentation

Brooks Technical Electrical can perform electrical system design directly related to contracted work. We will design your system to comply with all applicable construction codes. We take responsibility for conformance to the requirements of the "Authority Having Jurisdiction" (AHJ) (your city or county building and planning departments). It may be necessary to obtain approvals from a licensed professional engineer for some projects in which case Brooks Technical Electrical has relationships with several professional engineering firms that can provide the necessary engineering analysis and certification.

Brooks Technical Electrical has Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to produce one-line drawings, plot plans, roof penetration details, equipment elevations, and any other required design documentation.

Electrical Building Permits
Brooks Technical Electrical has successfully pulled permits and completed final inspections in the County of San Diego, The City of Chula Vista, The City of Oceanside, The City of Vista, The City of San Diego, and the City of Poway. We have satisfied the documentation requirements of home owners associations and planning departments as well. Perhaps you are an owner/builder or contractor and need permits, and we can help with that as well.

National Electrical Code Compliance (NEC)
Are you selling a property and need to make electrical corrections to complete the sale? Call Brooks Technical Electrical. We can expeditiously make the corrections. We stay up to date on code changes and design according to the code in force under your Authority Having Jurisdiction (city or county building department).

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI's)
GFCI's prevent electrocution by detecting the leakage current, which can be much smaller than the currents needed to operate conventional circuit breakers or fuses (several amperes). GFCI's operate very quickly before electric shock can cause a heart dysrhythmia.

GFCI's are required by code in several locations in your home and business. Not having them can result in injury or death to your family, friends, or customers. Taking the risk of not having them is not worth death or injury.

Poor electrical grounding is a safety and reliability issue that can usually be readily resolved. We can ensure that your building grounds are not only NEC compliant but electrically sound. Grounding issues can result in electrocution, electrical shock, equipment damage, audio quality issues, data integrity issues, and other troublesome symptoms.

California Contractors Board
License #794510

California Board of
Professional Engineers
and Land Surveyors:
Registered Professional Engineer (Electrical
Power 20213)

California Title 24
Advanced Lighting Controls
Acceptance Technician
License Number TC-A814378

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